I was one of the girls who didn’t believe in the institution of marriage and what luck had for me was to fall in love with a random guy (though army guys always made me go weak in my knees) and 

get married when I was still doing my masters..when my classmates were  still thinking of their placements, few about making a bf and  other few doing something new with their lives.Anyways…now I been married since 5 yrs…n till now my husband has been posted to all the horrible places where signal is crappy like hell.But  as network companies are trying to do some good..I thought of starting my own blog.I was into latest trends, styling myself and my friends since I don’t even remember but after marriage my whole view of fashion changed…limited budget, awful places to shop..and as mostly fauji  wives are Saree-Maniac(even i am one of them now ..hehe 😉 )…anything to everything started and ended with a discussion on Saree (due to which i have also ended up owning about 200 of them.(i told u..remember)..not to forget from each nook n corner of the country)… but still I didnt let my fashion spirit die and as many have told me(though I believe none bt myself) and I myself know for sure I always stand out (I never wanted to be a part of their group 😉


So here I am ..I will take u with me to the market..make u aware of different things you must must have, things you already have but dont use.(so we will use it..in our way.)We ll do make up together..dieting together..tie our hair…get confused and solve our fashionoblems together …etc etc…I am sure u ll join me in this journey…as we become..Vougish YOU & ME! 🙂



You and Me…make a Fashionable “We”♥


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