Earcuff..yay or nay..myths and facts

IMG-20140425-WA0007IMG_20140517_213439IMG_20140517_213150IMG_20140517_213856Earcuff…or earcuffs… Well we ll come to this later but I just wanna tell u guys that they are hot and make u feel really sexy. They are not new…remember your mom wearing long jhumkas with a “shaara”….its just that ..yeah a bit modified though. So first of all its an Earcuff…not earcuffs..as u ll order online or go to purchase it in the market it is available (mostly) as a single piece (prices quoted are for a single piece not for a pair..confirm before ordering). And it comes generally for the left ear…u have to pre order for your right ear (if your provider is resourceful enough). The range is very very pocket friendly…usually starts from Rs 250/- each. (Am sure even if u feel shy to wear it, though i dont see a reason to be shy.. huh..u can own it just for the sake of shopping the latest trend). The usually in fashion these days are ones with the wings ..The winged earcuffs…they are super cool and give u funky look altogether. They are also available in some peacock designs, studded and osmly heavy designs.(Remember LISA HAYDEN in he movie Queen..wearing a sexy rusted chainy earcuff) When u wear an earcuff in one ear…let a small stud be there in your left ear..dont u leave your right ear empty o people will think u have lost your earring .. 😉 LOL. Earcuff can be teamed up with A plain tee n jeans..With your salwar suit (design of d earcuff must be a bit towards traditional) and even with your evening gown..Short little black dress or even a Saree. If u r planning to wear an earcuff..let your tresses free..do a left partition and a bit of back combing and move it to our right shoulder..look like a DiVa. Also wen u go to buy an earcuff make sure it sets in your ear perfectly..you won’t like it to fall left , right and center…n if ur earcuff has a holder on the upper part (which grasps our ear from upper part of the ear..and rids you of tension of its falling away)..don’t press it hard..as it can be very painful later. And never never sleep with your earcuff on. Some gr8 earcuffs are available on flipkart, ebay and justfashionspirit (search with hash tag on instagram) Happy earcuffing..look gorgeous as evr..♥♥♥♥ A totally YAY for me..your comments r more than welcome.(waiting waiting)


3 thoughts on “Earcuff..yay or nay..myths and facts

  1. shruti shukla says:

    Ur article makes me think to get one for myself..n give it a shot..waiting for more styling tips….:)

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