Mid rings:Lets recycle rings don’t fit you any more.



I have been seeing a very sober yet cool trend over instagram and on few online shopping sites(Like Koovs.com and Urban turban)…so thought of blowing it up this time. Wearing delicate, thin and beautifully crafted rings mid-finger is the newest way to deck out your gorgeous digits. This is definitely a smart way to recycle your rings that don’t fit anymore or to wear that awesomely adorable rings that are too pretty to pass up to anyone and to give your preciously studded rings a little break.I like to wear one ring on each finger.Or you can just have one or two keeping it really simple or just stack it around your one knuckle to give a different look altogether.If you have already tried the look feel free to share your picture and comments..till then bbye Lovelies!♥



(P.S : I just got a pack of four mid rings from westside @300/- <Thats not too much for sake of fashion..wat say?>

Mid rings are also available on instagram.checkout “Fashion Mafia” . I have all the intensions to order few from there. (Just growing my nails a bit)

Acc. to me Gold ones look much cooler than silver ones..but you decide what suits u best.I am sure u have added them in your shopping list 😉


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