Just Bitten Kissable…”Aouuch!” Revlon Colour Burst Balm Stain Product Review.

IMG_20140526_233600IMG_20140526_233650IMG_20140526_233515IMG_20140526_233722Heya! Ladies…today I am gonna share my reviews on a very HOT product in the market. I know I am a bit late with this review as am already using Revlon ColourBurst Balm Stain(Which was known as Just bitten kissable earlier) for almost a month now (Shade 045 ,Romantic Romantique.It kinda orangy red and I am already eyeing upon COLOURBURST matt RANGE)
But its better to be late than never.
First of all I am not at all a lipstick kind of a person..i like to apply lip balm and then a coat of gloss over it.But this is not just a balm…its kinda lipstick mixed balm that means its very moist n buttery smooth like a lip balm but has deep shade like a lipstick.
It has a minty flavour to itself which I really like and comes in form of a thick crayon.I am sure it will last me around 6 months (at least).There are many shades available in this.. from matt to glossy to glittery.(I am sure u ll find one for yourself for sure). I picked this one because it goes well with my skin tone .(I am kinda dusky naa)
But but but…I found its range a bit on higher side. It is priced @800/- each. And as it is Revlon products are supposed to very pocket friendly.(But then you know it will last so long..I am kinda confused. So you decide its worth it or not)
This balm has a 4- 5 hrs stay. (Wow, isn’t?)
I have used it as eye shadow and blush in the pictures.So for me its a total Yay yay .Its 4 in 1 :A Balm, Lipstick, Blush and glossy eyes shadow.I am in ♥ the way it glides on my lips..leaving them comfortable , smooth and silky.So go and grab your balm stains because its sexy to be Just Bitten Kissable 😉 and get a burst of colours on your lips.



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