DIY:Dark and Winged eyes.Time to enhance your eyes.

A big Hello! to all my gorgeous friends. I really had fun doing this post firstly because some of my friends told me to do it (Thats why I am here) and secondly I just love doing my eyes.(They are my USP I guess). I have been doing it for almost 8 yrs now.(No don’t judge my age).I do it and go everywherei like from my work place to a party to just shopping! (Firstly coz I look ill without my Kajal 😉 .Secondly I don’t get the idea of not doing makeup at work place o all the time..Why not yaa?).
So let’s get started.
All you need is an Eyeliner+Kajal+Mascara (optional).
I have used everything possible in the market from gel to 12 hrs stay eyeliners and kajals but trust me Lakme has never let me down.(I use Lakme ABSOLUTE Shine line priced @ Rs.300 , EYECONIC kajal priced @ Rs.200)
To get started..Massage your BB cream and put compact nicely all over your face including area under and above your eyes.
Step 1 : Take your eyeliner and make a tick mark at the end of your eye(s). Just to determine how long or short you want your eye tail/wing to be.
Step 2 : Stretch your eye(s) by placing your other hand’s finger at the corner of your eye . (Like you do while getting your threading done..left hand at the corner of your right eye.)
Step 3 : Take your eyeliner and draw a line on your upper lid.Stretching makes your upper lid straight and It’s just like drawing a straight line.
Keep your “eye” closed and let it stand for few seconds.Even out the line if it gets thick or thin at few places.
Step 4:(This is my secret)
★Putting eyeliner at lower lid.
Just take your eyeliner and draw a line along you lower lid (just below your eyelashes and not inside your eyes)
Step 5:Now match the upper line and lower line to the tick you made in Step 1.
If it gets thick..just thin it out with a moistened ear swab. (I use ear swab to clean my kajal when it gets smudged and even inside my eye when my liner bloats or bleeds.)
Step 6:Match the lines at the inner corner of your eyes (optional).
Step 7:Fill kajal in your eyes like you usually do.
Step 8: Finish your look with a dash of Mascara.(it makes your eyes open up and bigger) and darkening your brows. (Dark eyes and light brows…naah!)
And Ta-Daahhh…You are done.

Reasons I know you don’t do you eyes:
■You think it’s the toughest job in the world.
■You think it’s not your cup of tea. 😦
■You think it will make you look like a witch or it just doesn’t suits you.(Skip Step 4…Simple 🙂 )
■You think it’s time consuming job…better save some time.(Huh!)

Answer to all of that is: You just can’t get it right and You have given up.I was not born knowing it. I practiced and perfected this art.Just try for god sake!

Why you should try this?
●It’s latest and trendy.
●It will change your looks like a make over.
●It’s damn easy and doesn’t take much time. (At least less than your one shopping trip)
●Kajal is supposed to suit everyone in the world..try it at least once.
●And because you love me and my eyes. 😉
TIP of the day:If you mess up with your eyeliner brush while shoving it in the bottle. Just Shake well and keep it your freezer for 15 min.It will retain its shape.
Don’t add water to your eyeliner to thin it out(it’s just like adding water to your coke to increase the quantity 😉 )Go and buy a new eyeliner.
Your comments are awaited.
Will do smoky eyes , blue-green eyes and all kinds of eye make up soon.
So perfect your eyeliner.
Get those wings…get loads of compliments and get high.

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16 thoughts on “DIY:Dark and Winged eyes.Time to enhance your eyes.

  1. You know what sritipie, for the past 8 years I have been following EXACTLY the same steps too ! 😀 ……….I used the Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Lakme Instant Liner which recently got replaced by Clinique quickliner !

    • Nooooo…don’t say that.
      Keep a few ear swabs handy and try.
      It’s just a line along your lashes.
      And if still it doesn’t comes along…Skip step 4.
      Darken the kajal a bit more and it will give he same effect.
      Thank you for reading and support.
      Regards and Much love♥

  2. rishbha singh says:

    you are master in it… I have seen you doing like in the morning…for college n for the evening coffee… you are so perfect n so fast in it… I guess it takes u 3-5mins…n you look stunning 🙂 🙂

    • Oh yes! U r witness to all my madness.And yes you were real patient with me while I used to do my last minute kajal touch ups.(Though I wonder why I never forced my eye make up on you 😦 )
      Thankx for your unconditional love and support.
      Love always

  3. rashmita panda says:

    Perfect.. The most awaited blog is here.. M a huge fan of your eye make up and you know it :-).. Keep blogging:-)

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