Release your inner artist! Pull off 4 looks with Maybelline Colossal Kohl- Turquoise and 5 ways to use Lakme Eyeconic White…Bring it on!

Hello! My Lovelies.
After a great week at the office , you sit confident…tall and totally proud with your intensely defined eyeliner . And not to let that feeling go away I am here again with some ultimate eye-catching looks.
I have one ..just launched (few days back)MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL KOHL turquoise and (a bit old) LAKME EYECONIC WHITE KOHL sitting with me today. They are not just colours to line your inner lashes. They are more than that…so lets discover them one by one.foto art_20140530093530
“Shady corners” LOOK 1: Wear any colour dress apart from green and use this kajal to electrify the whole look by just highlighting your inner and outer corners of your eyes.

“Get bold” LOOK 2: Use your black eyeliner and kajal to define your lower lashes and Use Colossal turquoise to line your upper lash.

“One sweep” Look 3: Use your Colossal Turquoise as eye shadow because it’s sucha wearable shade that you ll be the centre of attraction for everybody.This look is perfect for your special Dinner Dates.

“Divine” Look 4:Look hot and divine with just lining your lower lashes with this beautiful colour. Carry it in day or night it’s never too much. This look will surely turn up the heat.
A brief product review:
◆Priced @ Rs.250/- quite affordable.
◆Has a wonderfully creamy texture and hence glides smoothly without stretching the eye.Its all there in just one stroke.
◆It has a very good stay.Stays up till 4-5 hrs without any smudge. (Haven’t seen such stay in other coloured pencils)
◆According to me its has more green tinge than blue…would have loved it with a little more blue to it.
Overall I am liking it too much♥
foto art_20140529074930foto art_20140529075235

And now comes the other Hero of the story 😉
Lets see how this colour has 5 different uses.
“Open up” : Just put this kohl at the corner of your eyes…smudge with help of your finger or an ear swab .Put your regular eye make up. And DONE! This kinda brighten ups the corners of your eyes make u look fresh in jiffy.

“Browlight” Just as you have to outline your eyes and lips. Your eyebrows also need some highlighting. Just draw a line along your eyebrows and smudge. This will definitely enhance your looks as defined eyebrows look supaaa cool.

“Lip attention” Use this kohl to outline your lips before you fill in your Lip colour. And see the difference.

“Kohl Kohl” ofcourse its a kohl so it has to be used as kohl but just don’t use simply glide it on.I will suggest you to first fill your white kohl and then line your eyes with kajal both above and under for extra dramatic look. (I did a stupid mistake of applying my liner first and then filling the white kohl as I usually do with my black kohl.But it was sucha bad idea…the whole stick went from white to black and I had to literally break it off 😦 )

“Shadow light” Lastly use it as a base for your eye shadow…it ll just change the look of it , making it bright and lustrous.

Brief Product Review:
¤This is again priced @250/- . Can be bought for some experimenting with the looks.
¤It has a flaky texture to it.No doubt it is smooth but still looks like it gets stuck at some places more and some places less.
¤The packaging says it has a 10 hr stay…I am not that convinced because I had to do touch up in like 2 hrs.( when used as an eyeliner.)
¤Before buying this product I was of notion that this won’t suit me much…because of my complexion.
And I some how still stick to it 😦 (Though I got many compliments) But this product as an eyeliner will suit people with a clearer complexion more. (But its completely not a bad buy for dusky ppl as it can be used in 4 other ways.)foto art_20140530023740
So Ladies…its time for some Lustrous Envy EYe Do. (LEED)
Go and lock your eyes with MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL KOHL-Turquoise and LAKME EYECONIC WHITE (They’re waiting for YOU 😉 )

Hope this post will be of some help.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome.Here are few styles to wear your eyeliner and get those wings each and every day with a new look.704f2476a651ffc41ad5c259282ff019


6 thoughts on “Release your inner artist! Pull off 4 looks with Maybelline Colossal Kohl- Turquoise and 5 ways to use Lakme Eyeconic White…Bring it on!

  1. parul says:

    awsum…!!! til nw i hv read all ur blogs….all r very interesting n full of information…:-) u r doing gr8 job…

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