The Shoe Story!Stretch your shoes..and never feel Sorry!

We’ve all done it!(Admit or not)
1) Saw that pair of shoes on JABONG (or any other online shopping sight )you always wanted, and before you knew what was happening , It is at your door step! Now that you have them, you realize they’re just a bit too small.
2)Then buying an expensive pair of peep toes two sizes small because they were on sale.(I have done this soo many times)
3)Lastly screaming with happiness on finding literally the best shoes in the world(The shoes you dreamt of and ever ever wanted) only to go home and find out their comfort level is equal to walking on a bed of thorns or something like that.And then you know all the horrible shoe bites you will get but you just can’t resist it.You are just thinking about walking tall and conquering the world.
I so know that girls can resist anything but Shoes and I am surely one of them. But some of us prefer killing our feet by enduring all those tediously painful shoe-bites to not wearing that favourite pair at all. So here I am trying to fix your gorgeous shoes.So lets slip into those high heels just as you slip into your favourite dress.
●If your shoes are not so tight as to be completely unwearable, simply put them on and wear them around the house, until they have adjusted to your feet. This might take a couple days, but its natural. (You see)
●This one is the bestest.Tried and tested on my Aldo peep toes .AldoHAYTHPlatformPeep-Toesfoto art_20140603023009(Happened to buy a small size as my husband was screaming at my back to Hurry up! Huh!)All you need is your Hairdryer and a pair of your thickest socks.Just put on the your socks, and squeeze your feet into the shoes. Heat the tight area of the shoes using a hairdryer and bend your feet back and forth as much as you can for 20 to 30 seconds.Remove the heat source but leave the shoes on until they have cooled. Try the shoes on with your normal socks .Repeat until the shoes have stretched enough. And VIOLA! You are ready to rock.
(Once stretched, apply your foot moisterizer this just makes up for moisture depleted by the heat from your shoes.)
¤Alert: Heating shoes could weaken glue bonds so try on a cheaper pair of shoes first and don’t over do it. [Please, I don’t wanna get killed 😦 . This works gr8 for your ballerinas, high heels, sport shoes and even for your boyfriend’s/husband’s leather shoes.(If u had planned to suprise them and end up giving tight shoes 😉 instead. )]
●Freeze the shoes with a bag of water(Works best for sport shoes..don’t give it a try on leather shoes..please.)Fill the shoe hole. You can use resealable zip locks, thick balloon, or simple plastic bag .Fill about one third to halfway with water and seal tightly, one bag for each of your shoes.Place a bag inside each shoe and push into place so that it fills your entire shoe. Place your shoes in the freezer,(Clean your shoes before you do it and don’t get screamed by your mom) and let them sit until the water freezes, or overnight. As the water freezes, it will expand into your shoes, gently stretching its material.Remove from the freezer and let them thaw for about 20 minutes before trying to remove the bags.Try the shoes on again to see how the shoes fit and repeat if needed.It’s recommended again that you don’t use this method on expensive shoes.

So these were the three simple methods. The second one is really easy and quick. So take out all the pairs you thought you won’t be wearing anymore and give a blow because walking out in style is never outta style.

Comments and suggestions awaited.

Loads of ♥


5 thoughts on “The Shoe Story!Stretch your shoes..and never feel Sorry!

  1. Geeta Madhan says:

    Thnk u….u saved me…I belong to case no 1…baught two pairs of pumps frm jabong…lil small..will surely try the second fix…love u…

    Ur blog…No..our blog rocks…♥:)

  2. Rashmita says:

    sounds good sriti.. m definately gonna try this as I have one pee toe shoes which is lil tight and i dont wear it .. Thank you Sriti ❤

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