Picture Perfect!Pose…camera..click! Tricks to become photogenic instantly.

Have you ever gone through this? You are looking at you friend’s party snaps and all you wanna do is hit “untag.”
See being photogenic is not about being beautiful(people call me photogenic but its just i follow few things)…I know you totally love the way you look in real person but it takes a bit of practice to transform your in the flesh beauty to the camera. The good news is that being photogenic is a skill you can totally master. Here are a few of my favourite tips that will help you bring out your inner Cleopatra.
★No more double chin: If you think you got that problem..just elongate your neck and push your face forward. Try tipping your chin slightly down…I promise it will make you look good.
★No more half closed eyes:All you have to do is to close your eyes just before the picture is taken and open them slowly before the camera clicks.
★Open up your eyes :No! I don’t mean by “Hain” look. All i mean here is use loads of masacara to open up your eyes as your eyes are the focal point of a picture. You want to draw people into a picture, so you want to maximize the impact of the eyes. The more open they are, the more the light hits them and that’s what makes them twinkle!”
★Go back to your pictures:Take a look at your favourite pictures(of yourself) and try to spot a pattern. Do you like the way you look from a certain angle? When you smile a specific way? Work on your angles and try to replicate your best poses next time you have your photo taken.
★Choose a white wall:Why? Because a white wall can make your face glow and look brighter. Also with white as a background your camera settings find automatically a proper balance. (Told by a photographer friend.)
★Smile with this trick:Put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to avoid a goofy or a too-wide grin.
★ No standing directly under a light: Beacuse this can cast weird shadows on your face. Instead, stand facing a natural light source, such as a window, or in a spot where soft light hits your face from the side.
★ Don’t say “cheese”:Because it’s fake.Rather think of something funny.Nothing can beat a natural smile.Be yourself and just 🙂
★Selfie time: Always elevate your camera and tilt down your face to get the best angle during a selfie.
★Groupie time:Don’t fight and just hand over your camera to the tallest person or to the one who has longest arms 😉
★Flash but no flash:To have a dreamy and filtered effect and also to get a bright picture but not that bright..Just cover your flash with a piece of paper.

So this time there will be no unflattering family and awkward party piks…beacuse you are all ready to be “Clicked” 🙂

Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions.

Love ♥
FashionableShopoholic.foto art_20140414060042
Did you notice a pattern??
No doubt I am self obsessed but still…I guess my selfies are better than my other pictures!


12 thoughts on “Picture Perfect!Pose…camera..click! Tricks to become photogenic instantly.

  1. Geeta Madhan says:

    It feels gr8 to be self obsessed…wonderful post…
    Waiting fr mr awesome stuff…I m loving it…♥

  2. jaspreet says:

    U have amazing writing skills n a gr8 sense of fashion.. Just luv reading ur blogs.. Much luv n hugs.. Mwaaahhhhh.. :* :*

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