From Neckline to necklace…lets do it right!

A big big big hello to all my ★lovelies★.Was out and missed you all like anything
Ok before I begin…just a simple question?

If you are wearing an one off shoulder dress.How will you accessorize it?

If you just said ..with a chunky necklace then I am sorry to say that’s not the proper way to do it. (I’ m not saying it’s impossible). If you said…with big earrings then Bingo girl 🙂 you know exactly what to do. But a complete look would be with huge earrings and a beautiful hand cuff.

So what I am trying to say is…we all at some point have gone through this..we know what we are wearing but we don’t know what we are we wearing along with it?(The right accessories I mean)
You can choose a gorgeous necklace but if worn with a wrong neckline it ‘ll make only that much impact as Spain in the football world cup ;)(No offense plz)

So let’s make our own small guide and never get this called ” Matching” wrong.
■ If you are going “Strapless”:This neckline gives you ample space to be playful, get bold and to show off your chunky chokers. Short necklaces look best on this neckline. Though you can also go with long necklaces, layering a lot of long necklaces is also nice way to style this neckline but for a gorgeous “OMG” look go for grand choker necklaces.
foto art_20140622103907
■Time to wear the “Crew”:Crew neck is the round neck but which closely fits your neck .So in short you got no skin to show 😦 .But that doesn’t make the crew neck boring.With this neck you can team up almost everything. But the BIB necklaces (which are in huge trend these days) gives it a fresh appeal.(I have one crew neck t-shirt but 4 Bib necklaces and every time my tee looks different)
foto art_20140622080034
■Time to play “Turtle neck”: Turtle neck is another very amazing and playful neckline.As everything is covered up…you can add as much glamour as you want to get that attention. A statement bib necklace, collar necklace, multiple chains..everything looks amazing with this neckline.But my favourite remains long chains♥.foto art_20140622074929(Few pictures in collage credit:Google)
■ Button it up “The collar neck”:
Wearing a buttoned up shirt is making waves in fashion industry .From celebs to everyone is loving wearing it. But if you want to add a necklace to your buttoned up shirt choose properly. A Choker or a bib necklace goes best.But mind that your necklace should sit closely along your peeping buttons o hanging necklaces phulllz. ; )
foto art_20140622074543
If you are planning to layer up your shirt with a tank top or your camisole then your options become limitless.But a stylish not so traditional necklace with some depth will be just osm.
foto art_20140622075200
■Scooping away with”Scoop neck”:
Scoop neck is the easiest cookie to crack as most of our t-shirts have this kind of neckline (“U” neck)Only thing to remember is don’t wear anything longer than your scoop neck..your necklace can be short or just up till your neckline begins..but below that can be very distracting.(As scoop neck itself is supposed to deep) Choose a necklace that itself has an “U” shape for the red carpet look!
foto art_20140622093211
■What we should do with “V”:The V neck is very tricky and one must be very careful while adorning a V neckline. It is always best to go with accessories which follow the V shape . Long necklaces of minimum 18 inches (Read in a magazine)in length will be the safest bet for the V.Pendant chains rock the V neck.You could also try a short necklaces only if it also follows the v shape and sits on the neck peacefully with the neckline.
foto art_20140622075630

There also exist a few Necklines that should NOT be paired with any kind of necklace: Cowl neck, off shoulder, embellished neck and plunging necklines.
Necklace brief:
¤Heavy necklaces work best with: sweetheart, strapless, square neck, round neck, scoop neck.
¤Narrower and V – shape necklaces: Halter neck, V neck, Buttoned up shirt.
¤Long chains: Turtle neck, boat neck .
Hope the relation of your necklace and neckline will go strong after this post.
Awaiting your comments & suggestion already.
FashionableShopoholic 🙂


5 thoughts on “From Neckline to necklace…lets do it right!

  1. rashmita panda says:

    Sriti.. It was so informative cz i usually dont use any accessories but now after reading this blog.. I so very wanna try ths out..

    ❤ you rock :*

  2. Geeta Madhan says: most fav post after winged eyes…(u knw hw mch i love necklaces) u kept us waiting for so long fr ths post..nt fair..
    loved the post..will surely follow n try to add on same lovely pieces to my collection..:-)

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