Do you also throw away your costly but expired makeup..Not any more!RECYCLE..REUSE & ENJOY!

HELLO!Gorgeousness.Missed me? Because i really did.♥
So I am back and hope you like this post too.

Have you ever tried using expired cosmetics for anything other than practicing three pointers with your dustbin? Or have you ever got sobby for having to throw away your precious cosmetics? I absolutely love makeup and love buying everything new available..and hence I never get to see bottom of any of my precious cosmetics. What a waste!

●What to do with your expired or smelly face and body creams?

Summers..I really don’t like summers. Firstly because i get seriously tanned and secondly because of the fact that my body and face creams tend to develop a different smell if left in the bathroom during summer. Seriously, you exchange your hard earned money for a product that’s supposed to cover you for like next 3-4 months but when you stick your fingers in it and discover it doesn’t smell the same way just a month into the purchase. I know it’s not bad or something but there’s no way that I’m going to put that on my face. But you don’t need to throw them away. Luckily, there are always some leather goods in need of care so such cosmetics are rarely wasted. Your leather Boots, your dear husband’s shoes or bike gear,sexy leather gloves,that amazing leather jacket or your coats…you just name it! All you have to do is rub the product in, let it soak in, rub off the excess and TADAA– your leather is shiny and dazzling..just as good as new!(Remember I suggested using your moisturizer during Stretching your shoes post to replenish the depleted moisture after blow dry.Similarly…you can put a layer of your expired or smelly cream on your bellies etc to protect them from ripping skin.)
●What to do with your damn expensive mascara..which is now all dried up or EXPIRED!(Hawwwww) 😦

No no…no need to throw away that fancy Mascara you splurged on. Keep that Wand or the brush of your favourite mascara , wash it well and you’ll have a new makeup tool to use in many ways! If that particular wand happens to be the perfect one and you’re not ready to splurge some more to get a brand new product, use it with the mascara you currently have. All you have to do is remember to wash it well after each use and store it in a clean case. You can also use it as a brow brush or to remove clumps and separate the lashes after you’ve applied mascara. Ultimately, you can team it up with cake black eye shadow …and just dash the brush on your brows to darken them.(This is something every makeup junkie should try.)Now that’s a lot of uses for your expired/dried mascara, What say?

●What to do with your expired face powders and bronzers?
That’s true that cake products last longest, yet even that doesn’t make them safe to use on faces and eyes past their expiration date. Luckily, other areas of skin aren’t as sensitive as your eyes and cheeks, which means that you can resort to using expired cosmetics to cover up bruises or the stretch marks or the any other kind of marks or drape your legs in bronzy shine. Make sure the cosmetics you’re planning to use are not expired as in smelling funny, looking funny, can’t remember when was it that you bought it. It should be something that’s either recently expired, nearing its expiration date or is used very little and so carefully that it probably should be bad but isn’t because there has been no bacteria around to taint it. And again, you’ll want to use these with care and only if you’re sure the product still has some life left in it.

●What to do with your lumpy nail enamels?

I am sure you must be also hoarding over to all the nail polishes that have dried up but still you don’t wanna throw away.You have tried using them but then they are too lumpy for the your perfect digits. So what to do with them? I just try and thin them out as much as i can(keep in mind that not all nail polish removers can be used for thinning) then say like I have a locket studded with american diamonds (the pendant is all white)
But I have to wear it with a red saree…so I use my red nail polish to colour the stones..and VIOLA!!I have a brand new red pendant and when I wanna wear the white pendant..just use nail polish remover and you are back to your original.Or you wanna give texture to your like if you have a silver band…just put a coat of your favorite colour inside the band and on upper and downward rim..and you have a whole new silver band. Another interesting way to use your thick nail polish is..if you wear spectacles .Just pick your favoutite nail colour and add that colour on the sides of your spectacles to match to your every t-shirt or dress.

I am sure you must be using your expired facial kits for your pedicures now and old shampoos and conditioners as your hand wash.The dried eyeliners as paint to retouch your damaged black bag or your ripped black sandals.And you expired pencil liners as your bed side pencil to take notes. 🙂

According to me Use for expired cosmetics should not involve changing their texture or turning them into a different makeup product!(It is expired guys..understand) I’m saying this because I have across a lot DIY tutorials with a goal of making a new beauty product.But now you kniw that there are plenty of other things you can do with your precious but expired stuff! So many, in fact, that you’ll probably must be regretting throwing away some of the things you did.

Please feel free to drop your suggestions and comments.

♥ Yours


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