Release your inner artist! Pull off 4 looks with Maybelline Colossal Kohl- Turquoise and 5 ways to use Lakme Eyeconic White…Bring it on!

Hello! My Lovelies.
After a great week at the office , you sit confident…tall and totally proud with your intensely defined eyeliner . And not to let that feeling go away I am here again with some ultimate eye-catching looks.
I have one ..just launched (few days back)MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL KOHL turquoise and (a bit old) LAKME EYECONIC WHITE KOHL sitting with me today. They are not just colours to line your inner lashes. They are more than that…so lets discover them one by one.foto art_20140530093530
“Shady corners” LOOK 1: Wear any colour dress apart from green and use this kajal to electrify the whole look by just highlighting your inner and outer corners of your eyes.

“Get bold” LOOK 2: Use your black eyeliner and kajal to define your lower lashes and Use Colossal turquoise to line your upper lash.

“One sweep” Look 3: Use your Colossal Turquoise as eye shadow because it’s sucha wearable shade that you ll be the centre of attraction for everybody.This look is perfect for your special Dinner Dates.

“Divine” Look 4:Look hot and divine with just lining your lower lashes with this beautiful colour. Carry it in day or night it’s never too much. This look will surely turn up the heat.
A brief product review:
◆Priced @ Rs.250/- quite affordable.
◆Has a wonderfully creamy texture and hence glides smoothly without stretching the eye.Its all there in just one stroke.
◆It has a very good stay.Stays up till 4-5 hrs without any smudge. (Haven’t seen such stay in other coloured pencils)
◆According to me its has more green tinge than blue…would have loved it with a little more blue to it.
Overall I am liking it too much♥
foto art_20140529074930foto art_20140529075235

And now comes the other Hero of the story 😉
Lets see how this colour has 5 different uses.
“Open up” : Just put this kohl at the corner of your eyes…smudge with help of your finger or an ear swab .Put your regular eye make up. And DONE! This kinda brighten ups the corners of your eyes make u look fresh in jiffy.

“Browlight” Just as you have to outline your eyes and lips. Your eyebrows also need some highlighting. Just draw a line along your eyebrows and smudge. This will definitely enhance your looks as defined eyebrows look supaaa cool.

“Lip attention” Use this kohl to outline your lips before you fill in your Lip colour. And see the difference.

“Kohl Kohl” ofcourse its a kohl so it has to be used as kohl but just don’t use simply glide it on.I will suggest you to first fill your white kohl and then line your eyes with kajal both above and under for extra dramatic look. (I did a stupid mistake of applying my liner first and then filling the white kohl as I usually do with my black kohl.But it was sucha bad idea…the whole stick went from white to black and I had to literally break it off 😦 )

“Shadow light” Lastly use it as a base for your eye shadow…it ll just change the look of it , making it bright and lustrous.

Brief Product Review:
¤This is again priced @250/- . Can be bought for some experimenting with the looks.
¤It has a flaky texture to it.No doubt it is smooth but still looks like it gets stuck at some places more and some places less.
¤The packaging says it has a 10 hr stay…I am not that convinced because I had to do touch up in like 2 hrs.( when used as an eyeliner.)
¤Before buying this product I was of notion that this won’t suit me much…because of my complexion.
And I some how still stick to it 😦 (Though I got many compliments) But this product as an eyeliner will suit people with a clearer complexion more. (But its completely not a bad buy for dusky ppl as it can be used in 4 other ways.)foto art_20140530023740
So Ladies…its time for some Lustrous Envy EYe Do. (LEED)
Go and lock your eyes with MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL KOHL-Turquoise and LAKME EYECONIC WHITE (They’re waiting for YOU 😉 )

Hope this post will be of some help.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome.Here are few styles to wear your eyeliner and get those wings each and every day with a new look.704f2476a651ffc41ad5c259282ff019


DIY:Dark and Winged eyes.Time to enhance your eyes.

A big Hello! to all my gorgeous friends. I really had fun doing this post firstly because some of my friends told me to do it (Thats why I am here) and secondly I just love doing my eyes.(They are my USP I guess). I have been doing it for almost 8 yrs now.(No don’t judge my age).I do it and go everywherei like from my work place to a party to just shopping! (Firstly coz I look ill without my Kajal 😉 .Secondly I don’t get the idea of not doing makeup at work place o all the time..Why not yaa?).
So let’s get started.
All you need is an Eyeliner+Kajal+Mascara (optional).
I have used everything possible in the market from gel to 12 hrs stay eyeliners and kajals but trust me Lakme has never let me down.(I use Lakme ABSOLUTE Shine line priced @ Rs.300 , EYECONIC kajal priced @ Rs.200)
To get started..Massage your BB cream and put compact nicely all over your face including area under and above your eyes.
Step 1 : Take your eyeliner and make a tick mark at the end of your eye(s). Just to determine how long or short you want your eye tail/wing to be.
Step 2 : Stretch your eye(s) by placing your other hand’s finger at the corner of your eye . (Like you do while getting your threading done..left hand at the corner of your right eye.)
Step 3 : Take your eyeliner and draw a line on your upper lid.Stretching makes your upper lid straight and It’s just like drawing a straight line.
Keep your “eye” closed and let it stand for few seconds.Even out the line if it gets thick or thin at few places.
Step 4:(This is my secret)
★Putting eyeliner at lower lid.
Just take your eyeliner and draw a line along you lower lid (just below your eyelashes and not inside your eyes)
Step 5:Now match the upper line and lower line to the tick you made in Step 1.
If it gets thick..just thin it out with a moistened ear swab. (I use ear swab to clean my kajal when it gets smudged and even inside my eye when my liner bloats or bleeds.)
Step 6:Match the lines at the inner corner of your eyes (optional).
Step 7:Fill kajal in your eyes like you usually do.
Step 8: Finish your look with a dash of Mascara.(it makes your eyes open up and bigger) and darkening your brows. (Dark eyes and light brows…naah!)
And Ta-Daahhh…You are done.

Reasons I know you don’t do you eyes:
■You think it’s the toughest job in the world.
■You think it’s not your cup of tea. 😦
■You think it will make you look like a witch or it just doesn’t suits you.(Skip Step 4…Simple 🙂 )
■You think it’s time consuming job…better save some time.(Huh!)

Answer to all of that is: You just can’t get it right and You have given up.I was not born knowing it. I practiced and perfected this art.Just try for god sake!

Why you should try this?
●It’s latest and trendy.
●It will change your looks like a make over.
●It’s damn easy and doesn’t take much time. (At least less than your one shopping trip)
●Kajal is supposed to suit everyone in the world..try it at least once.
●And because you love me and my eyes. 😉
TIP of the day:If you mess up with your eyeliner brush while shoving it in the bottle. Just Shake well and keep it your freezer for 15 min.It will retain its shape.
Don’t add water to your eyeliner to thin it out(it’s just like adding water to your coke to increase the quantity 😉 )Go and buy a new eyeliner.
Your comments are awaited.
Will do smoky eyes , blue-green eyes and all kinds of eye make up soon.
So perfect your eyeliner.
Get those wings…get loads of compliments and get high.

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Just Bitten Kissable…”Aouuch!” Revlon Colour Burst Balm Stain Product Review.

IMG_20140526_233600IMG_20140526_233650IMG_20140526_233515IMG_20140526_233722Heya! Ladies…today I am gonna share my reviews on a very HOT product in the market. I know I am a bit late with this review as am already using Revlon ColourBurst Balm Stain(Which was known as Just bitten kissable earlier) for almost a month now (Shade 045 ,Romantic Romantique.It kinda orangy red and I am already eyeing upon COLOURBURST matt RANGE)
But its better to be late than never.
First of all I am not at all a lipstick kind of a person..i like to apply lip balm and then a coat of gloss over it.But this is not just a balm…its kinda lipstick mixed balm that means its very moist n buttery smooth like a lip balm but has deep shade like a lipstick.
It has a minty flavour to itself which I really like and comes in form of a thick crayon.I am sure it will last me around 6 months (at least).There are many shades available in this.. from matt to glossy to glittery.(I am sure u ll find one for yourself for sure). I picked this one because it goes well with my skin tone .(I am kinda dusky naa)
But but but…I found its range a bit on higher side. It is priced @800/- each. And as it is Revlon products are supposed to very pocket friendly.(But then you know it will last so long..I am kinda confused. So you decide its worth it or not)
This balm has a 4- 5 hrs stay. (Wow, isn’t?)
I have used it as eye shadow and blush in the pictures.So for me its a total Yay yay .Its 4 in 1 :A Balm, Lipstick, Blush and glossy eyes shadow.I am in ♥ the way it glides on my lips..leaving them comfortable , smooth and silky.So go and grab your balm stains because its sexy to be Just Bitten Kissable 😉 and get a burst of colours on your lips.



Mid rings:Lets recycle rings don’t fit you any more.



I have been seeing a very sober yet cool trend over instagram and on few online shopping sites(Like and Urban turban)…so thought of blowing it up this time. Wearing delicate, thin and beautifully crafted rings mid-finger is the newest way to deck out your gorgeous digits. This is definitely a smart way to recycle your rings that don’t fit anymore or to wear that awesomely adorable rings that are too pretty to pass up to anyone and to give your preciously studded rings a little break.I like to wear one ring on each finger.Or you can just have one or two keeping it really simple or just stack it around your one knuckle to give a different look altogether.If you have already tried the look feel free to share your picture and comments..till then bbye Lovelies!♥



(P.S : I just got a pack of four mid rings from westside @300/- <Thats not too much for sake of fashion..wat say?>

Mid rings are also available on instagram.checkout “Fashion Mafia” . I have all the intensions to order few from there. (Just growing my nails a bit)

Acc. to me Gold ones look much cooler than silver ones..but you decide what suits u best.I am sure u have added them in your shopping list 😉


Keep it simple..keep it fun..Hair care time..lets do it.

IMAG0053IMAG0039IMG_20140524_195713Heya!!Its weekend time again and weekend reminds me of dinner outing on Saturdays and just chilling around Sundays..with my mom shouting at me to go and take a head bath.Hence I got an idea to write about this one. So while I was gyming today I thought of conducting a short n sweet survey about What guys notice in a girl in her first look..options were 1) Eyes, 2) Body, 3) Hair or 4) Smile.

Out of 12 guys, 6 said “eyes”…hands down.They were like girls are so arrogant these days that they hardly smile (I was like we just don’t ;waste anything not even our smile..right girls). And other 6 without any doubt said Hair. So this shows that our Hair is quite an important feature ..but do we actually pay that much heed to it ? (No getting blow dries for parties n stuff doesnt count here)
O we just know to crib about how short it is, how rough it is, how dull it is etc , etc. Now u ll tell me that u go for hair spa once a month..well ok..but according to me its not enough. So today I ll give you some handy tips which will definitely help your hair..but you have to promise yourself that you ll do what I say for minimum 4 weeks (its not too much to ask for..cmon!)

1) If you are noticing that you are having some extra hair fall ( i.e not normal than usual)…that means your hair is talking to you that something you are doing is not right.It can be the new shampoo you are using, may be you are not taking out the conditioner properly from your hair while rinsing, may be you are not properly (or at all)feeding your hair and its roots or you are just not bothered about your hair.

So first thing here is to try and change products you are using…I know it ll make you a product junkie but you need to know what suits your hair best.A few hit and trials will be fine I guess. (By the way I am using Wella Enrich shampoo and mask along with L’oreal Liss Ultime Serum.I have been using theses products for almost 2 yrs now.They are bit towards high range than regular ones but they help me keep my hair straight as I keep my hair open most of the times.)I also get hair spa done (protein one)once in a month but its just now. There was a time when I didn’t get it done for two consecutive years.

2) Secondly you need to know the fact that a normal person’s hair grow half an inch every month . That means 6 inches in an year..but that normal person doesn’t take stress, does oiling on a regular basis and eats a perfect healthy diet. So if your hair is not growing @ that rate that doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong.So chill..and don’t worsen the conditions for your hair growth . Just make sure u oil your hair minimum once a week.Olive oil has best nourishing properties(DON’T OVER DO..IT GIVES PIMPLES ALSO ON THE FOREHEAD) and can be used for hot oil massage  too. I keep alternating between olive oil and pure almond oil .(Not almond drops).But try and not to keep oil for like days …overnight is fine but i suggest few hours wil do the same magic.

3)Oiling is not enough..instead of putting all the chemicals and hair masks try few things at home which work wonders for your hair. Apply egg (add few drops of lemon to get rid of the smell n add few drops of olive oil to enhance the nourishment) it’s just like a direct protein mask. Keep it minimum for half an hour before you shampoo.And make sure you wash your hair firstly with just plain water..thoroughly and then apply the shampoo. And if you are a Vegetarian then curd is an another substitute. It is very good for people having flaky scalp or say Dandruff or You have a dry scalp.

Also never ever..yes never ever ever use hot water to wash your hair. If its Dilli ki Sardi even then go for luke warm water but avoid as much as you can. I

also try one funny trick for bringing shine to my hair..I wash my hair with 1 part of vinegar mixed with 4 parts of carbonated drink. (Don’t try if you are not convinced..was just sharing).

4) Lastly…comb you hair. (What..really? Thats a tip?) Yes comb your hair as much as you can..the more you do, the more blood circulation, the roots gets charged up and yes it helps a bit in growth too.Never sleep with a tangled head (As they say never sleep with your make up on) .One more thing you can try is lie on your back and let your hair down.This will make sure that some blood goes into your brains..n is good for your hair. (I read this somewhere..i am not sure it works definitely o not..but i do keep doing it.)

In the end..Keep it simple, keep it fun.

Don’t take stress o you ll lose all your hair in the long run.Get to know your hair, its type, its quality and work accordingly.(Things that everybody know..get rid of your split ends, try and sleep with your hair open or loosely tied, Try and stay away from colouring if you can, protect your hair from direct sunlight and dust-U look gorgeous with a hat o a scarf on..try it..and when you put sunscreen on your face..take few drops and run through your hair..It Does WORK.)

Happy Sunday..happy hair day♥


Earcuff..yay or nay..myths and facts

IMG-20140425-WA0007IMG_20140517_213439IMG_20140517_213150IMG_20140517_213856Earcuff…or earcuffs… Well we ll come to this later but I just wanna tell u guys that they are hot and make u feel really sexy. They are not new…remember your mom wearing long jhumkas with a “shaara”….its just that ..yeah a bit modified though. So first of all its an Earcuff…not u ll order online or go to purchase it in the market it is available (mostly) as a single piece (prices quoted are for a single piece not for a pair..confirm before ordering). And it comes generally for the left ear…u have to pre order for your right ear (if your provider is resourceful enough). The range is very very pocket friendly…usually starts from Rs 250/- each. (Am sure even if u feel shy to wear it, though i dont see a reason to be shy.. huh..u can own it just for the sake of shopping the latest trend). The usually in fashion these days are ones with the wings ..The winged earcuffs…they are super cool and give u funky look altogether. They are also available in some peacock designs, studded and osmly heavy designs.(Remember LISA HAYDEN in he movie Queen..wearing a sexy rusted chainy earcuff) When u wear an earcuff in one ear…let a small stud be there in your left ear..dont u leave your right ear empty o people will think u have lost your earring .. 😉 LOL. Earcuff can be teamed up with A plain tee n jeans..With your salwar suit (design of d earcuff must be a bit towards traditional) and even with your evening gown..Short little black dress or even a Saree. If u r planning to wear an earcuff..let your tresses a left partition and a bit of back combing and move it to our right shoulder..look like a DiVa. Also wen u go to buy an earcuff make sure it sets in your ear won’t like it to fall left , right and center…n if ur earcuff has a holder on the upper part (which grasps our ear from upper part of the ear..and rids you of tension of its falling away)..don’t press it it can be very painful later. And never never sleep with your earcuff on. Some gr8 earcuffs are available on flipkart, ebay and justfashionspirit (search with hash tag on instagram) Happy earcuffing..look gorgeous as evr..♥♥♥♥ A totally YAY for me..your comments r more than welcome.(waiting waiting)


I was one of the girls who didn’t believe in the institution of marriage and what luck had for me was to fall in love with a random guy (though army guys always made me go weak in my knees) and 

get married when I was still doing my masters..when my classmates were  still thinking of their placements, few about making a bf and  other few doing something new with their lives.Anyways…now I been married since 5 yrs…n till now my husband has been posted to all the horrible places where signal is crappy like hell.But  as network companies are trying to do some good..I thought of starting my own blog.I was into latest trends, styling myself and my friends since I don’t even remember but after marriage my whole view of fashion changed…limited budget, awful places to shop..and as mostly fauji  wives are Saree-Maniac(even i am one of them now ..hehe 😉 )…anything to everything started and ended with a discussion on Saree (due to which i have also ended up owning about 200 of them.(i told u..remember)..not to forget from each nook n corner of the country)… but still I didnt let my fashion spirit die and as many have told me(though I believe none bt myself) and I myself know for sure I always stand out (I never wanted to be a part of their group 😉


So here I am ..I will take u with me to the market..make u aware of different things you must must have, things you already have but dont use.(so we will use our way.)We ll do make up together..dieting together..tie our hair…get confused and solve our fashionoblems together …etc etc…I am sure u ll join me in this journey…as we become..Vougish YOU & ME! 🙂


You and Me…make a Fashionable “We”♥