Blouse it up!!!

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Today i thought of going traditional way .And will be discussing about sarees and how can you give chic look to your normal saree with a rocking blouse. Sarees are no more just an Indian traditional wear. With the boom of fashion and trends they have elevated to a much glamorized and modern state. The credit goes much to Indian Designers who have stylized it phenomenally. Right from the fabrics, the embroideries to the mix and match of different colors giving it a versatile personality. After taking women from all over the world by surprise, the latest trend in beautifying the blouse makes saree an attire that every woman desires for.Check the latest trends and see what all you can do to acquire chick, funky, formal, casual or any other kind of look with your blouse design.

1) NET Blouses:If you wanna use net in your blouse you have to be confident that you can carry it. Because it classy as well as sexy.


2) Brocade blouses:They are not new but the way they are styled these days is totally different. You can wear your heavy silk saree with them or even a plain Georgette. The finesse and structure will make you look gorgeous any way.

blouse 15-500x500

3) Sequinsed blouse:After seeing Shradha Kapoor wearing one.I was tempted to get one for myself but still had doubts that would it be comfortable. It sure is.


4) Cut work blouse:You will have to work on the design if you really wanna have this one. But all the hard work will pay when you will get unlimited compliments . Team it up with plain saree for the oomph look!


5) Jacket style blouse:Very innovative, very sexy. Must try.


6) Full sleeves blouses:This one is for everybody..thin – not so thin (like me) . A MUST in your wardrobe.Get basic colours stitched like a black, white and a red.And team it up with N number of your sarees.

7) A velvet blouse:Goes gr8 with your net sarees.They are soft on you and as comfortable as you want.

The trends in blouse designs has no limits. The possibilities of getting trendy with blouses are endless. With the increase in fresh ideas and creativity I am sure there will be a lot more to offer in designer blouses. I will surely update you with a lot more Gyaan on this topic.I would also be glad to have some inputs from you as well. Be it a designer piece by you or any one you know or even any new trend in blouse designs that you know off, please feel free to share.
(Disclaimer: The images are just for reference purpose. I don’t claim ownership of any of them.)

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Do you also throw away your costly but expired makeup..Not any more!RECYCLE..REUSE & ENJOY!

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So I am back and hope you like this post too.

Have you ever tried using expired cosmetics for anything other than practicing three pointers with your dustbin? Or have you ever got sobby for having to throw away your precious cosmetics? I absolutely love makeup and love buying everything new available..and hence I never get to see bottom of any of my precious cosmetics. What a waste!

●What to do with your expired or smelly face and body creams?

Summers..I really don’t like summers. Firstly because i get seriously tanned and secondly because of the fact that my body and face creams tend to develop a different smell if left in the bathroom during summer. Seriously, you exchange your hard earned money for a product that’s supposed to cover you for like next 3-4 months but when you stick your fingers in it and discover it doesn’t smell the same way just a month into the purchase. I know it’s not bad or something but there’s no way that I’m going to put that on my face. But you don’t need to throw them away. Luckily, there are always some leather goods in need of care so such cosmetics are rarely wasted. Your leather Boots, your dear husband’s shoes or bike gear,sexy leather gloves,that amazing leather jacket or your coats…you just name it! All you have to do is rub the product in, let it soak in, rub off the excess and TADAA– your leather is shiny and dazzling..just as good as new!(Remember I suggested using your moisturizer during Stretching your shoes post to replenish the depleted moisture after blow dry.Similarly…you can put a layer of your expired or smelly cream on your bellies etc to protect them from ripping skin.)
●What to do with your damn expensive mascara..which is now all dried up or EXPIRED!(Hawwwww) 😦

No no…no need to throw away that fancy Mascara you splurged on. Keep that Wand or the brush of your favourite mascara , wash it well and you’ll have a new makeup tool to use in many ways! If that particular wand happens to be the perfect one and you’re not ready to splurge some more to get a brand new product, use it with the mascara you currently have. All you have to do is remember to wash it well after each use and store it in a clean case. You can also use it as a brow brush or to remove clumps and separate the lashes after you’ve applied mascara. Ultimately, you can team it up with cake black eye shadow …and just dash the brush on your brows to darken them.(This is something every makeup junkie should try.)Now that’s a lot of uses for your expired/dried mascara, What say?

●What to do with your expired face powders and bronzers?
That’s true that cake products last longest, yet even that doesn’t make them safe to use on faces and eyes past their expiration date. Luckily, other areas of skin aren’t as sensitive as your eyes and cheeks, which means that you can resort to using expired cosmetics to cover up bruises or the stretch marks or the any other kind of marks or drape your legs in bronzy shine. Make sure the cosmetics you’re planning to use are not expired as in smelling funny, looking funny, can’t remember when was it that you bought it. It should be something that’s either recently expired, nearing its expiration date or is used very little and so carefully that it probably should be bad but isn’t because there has been no bacteria around to taint it. And again, you’ll want to use these with care and only if you’re sure the product still has some life left in it.

●What to do with your lumpy nail enamels?

I am sure you must be also hoarding over to all the nail polishes that have dried up but still you don’t wanna throw away.You have tried using them but then they are too lumpy for the your perfect digits. So what to do with them? I just try and thin them out as much as i can(keep in mind that not all nail polish removers can be used for thinning) then say like I have a locket studded with american diamonds (the pendant is all white)
But I have to wear it with a red saree…so I use my red nail polish to colour the stones..and VIOLA!!I have a brand new red pendant and when I wanna wear the white pendant..just use nail polish remover and you are back to your original.Or you wanna give texture to your like if you have a silver band…just put a coat of your favorite colour inside the band and on upper and downward rim..and you have a whole new silver band. Another interesting way to use your thick nail polish is..if you wear spectacles .Just pick your favoutite nail colour and add that colour on the sides of your spectacles to match to your every t-shirt or dress.

I am sure you must be using your expired facial kits for your pedicures now and old shampoos and conditioners as your hand wash.The dried eyeliners as paint to retouch your damaged black bag or your ripped black sandals.And you expired pencil liners as your bed side pencil to take notes. 🙂

According to me Use for expired cosmetics should not involve changing their texture or turning them into a different makeup product!(It is expired guys..understand) I’m saying this because I have across a lot DIY tutorials with a goal of making a new beauty product.But now you kniw that there are plenty of other things you can do with your precious but expired stuff! So many, in fact, that you’ll probably must be regretting throwing away some of the things you did.

Please feel free to drop your suggestions and comments.

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foto art_20140624110757

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10 “HAWT” summer trends..feel the “Fashion!”

Are you wondering what are top trends this summer? Here I take you along in this fashionable ride..and show you the trends I am completely in love with. “♥”

Collage 2014-06-23 09_59_53

Collage 2014-06-23 10_04_14

Collage 2014-06-23 10_06_08

Collage 2014-06-23 10_36_30

Collage 2014-06-23 11_19_07

Collage 2014-06-23 11_24_19

Collage 2014-06-23 11_31_55

Collage 2014-06-23 11_34_47Collage 2014-06-23 11_45_03

Collage 2014-06-23 11_49_57
(Photo credits:Google)

Be a swagger and don’t forget..Fashion fades but your style always REMAINS.



From Neckline to necklace…lets do it right!

A big big big hello to all my ★lovelies★.Was out and missed you all like anything
Ok before I begin…just a simple question?

If you are wearing an one off shoulder dress.How will you accessorize it?

If you just said ..with a chunky necklace then I am sorry to say that’s not the proper way to do it. (I’ m not saying it’s impossible). If you said…with big earrings then Bingo girl 🙂 you know exactly what to do. But a complete look would be with huge earrings and a beautiful hand cuff.

So what I am trying to say is…we all at some point have gone through this..we know what we are wearing but we don’t know what we are we wearing along with it?(The right accessories I mean)
You can choose a gorgeous necklace but if worn with a wrong neckline it ‘ll make only that much impact as Spain in the football world cup ;)(No offense plz)

So let’s make our own small guide and never get this called ” Matching” wrong.
■ If you are going “Strapless”:This neckline gives you ample space to be playful, get bold and to show off your chunky chokers. Short necklaces look best on this neckline. Though you can also go with long necklaces, layering a lot of long necklaces is also nice way to style this neckline but for a gorgeous “OMG” look go for grand choker necklaces.
foto art_20140622103907
■Time to wear the “Crew”:Crew neck is the round neck but which closely fits your neck .So in short you got no skin to show 😦 .But that doesn’t make the crew neck boring.With this neck you can team up almost everything. But the BIB necklaces (which are in huge trend these days) gives it a fresh appeal.(I have one crew neck t-shirt but 4 Bib necklaces and every time my tee looks different)
foto art_20140622080034
■Time to play “Turtle neck”: Turtle neck is another very amazing and playful neckline.As everything is covered up…you can add as much glamour as you want to get that attention. A statement bib necklace, collar necklace, multiple chains..everything looks amazing with this neckline.But my favourite remains long chains♥.foto art_20140622074929(Few pictures in collage credit:Google)
■ Button it up “The collar neck”:
Wearing a buttoned up shirt is making waves in fashion industry .From celebs to everyone is loving wearing it. But if you want to add a necklace to your buttoned up shirt choose properly. A Choker or a bib necklace goes best.But mind that your necklace should sit closely along your peeping buttons o hanging necklaces phulllz. ; )
foto art_20140622074543
If you are planning to layer up your shirt with a tank top or your camisole then your options become limitless.But a stylish not so traditional necklace with some depth will be just osm.
foto art_20140622075200
■Scooping away with”Scoop neck”:
Scoop neck is the easiest cookie to crack as most of our t-shirts have this kind of neckline (“U” neck)Only thing to remember is don’t wear anything longer than your scoop neck..your necklace can be short or just up till your neckline begins..but below that can be very distracting.(As scoop neck itself is supposed to deep) Choose a necklace that itself has an “U” shape for the red carpet look!
foto art_20140622093211
■What we should do with “V”:The V neck is very tricky and one must be very careful while adorning a V neckline. It is always best to go with accessories which follow the V shape . Long necklaces of minimum 18 inches (Read in a magazine)in length will be the safest bet for the V.Pendant chains rock the V neck.You could also try a short necklaces only if it also follows the v shape and sits on the neck peacefully with the neckline.
foto art_20140622075630

There also exist a few Necklines that should NOT be paired with any kind of necklace: Cowl neck, off shoulder, embellished neck and plunging necklines.
Necklace brief:
¤Heavy necklaces work best with: sweetheart, strapless, square neck, round neck, scoop neck.
¤Narrower and V – shape necklaces: Halter neck, V neck, Buttoned up shirt.
¤Long chains: Turtle neck, boat neck .
Hope the relation of your necklace and neckline will go strong after this post.
Awaiting your comments & suggestion already.
FashionableShopoholic 🙂


Picture Perfect!Pose…! Tricks to become photogenic instantly.

Have you ever gone through this? You are looking at you friend’s party snaps and all you wanna do is hit “untag.”
See being photogenic is not about being beautiful(people call me photogenic but its just i follow few things)…I know you totally love the way you look in real person but it takes a bit of practice to transform your in the flesh beauty to the camera. The good news is that being photogenic is a skill you can totally master. Here are a few of my favourite tips that will help you bring out your inner Cleopatra.
★No more double chin: If you think you got that problem..just elongate your neck and push your face forward. Try tipping your chin slightly down…I promise it will make you look good.
★No more half closed eyes:All you have to do is to close your eyes just before the picture is taken and open them slowly before the camera clicks.
★Open up your eyes :No! I don’t mean by “Hain” look. All i mean here is use loads of masacara to open up your eyes as your eyes are the focal point of a picture. You want to draw people into a picture, so you want to maximize the impact of the eyes. The more open they are, the more the light hits them and that’s what makes them twinkle!”
★Go back to your pictures:Take a look at your favourite pictures(of yourself) and try to spot a pattern. Do you like the way you look from a certain angle? When you smile a specific way? Work on your angles and try to replicate your best poses next time you have your photo taken.
★Choose a white wall:Why? Because a white wall can make your face glow and look brighter. Also with white as a background your camera settings find automatically a proper balance. (Told by a photographer friend.)
★Smile with this trick:Put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to avoid a goofy or a too-wide grin.
★ No standing directly under a light: Beacuse this can cast weird shadows on your face. Instead, stand facing a natural light source, such as a window, or in a spot where soft light hits your face from the side.
★ Don’t say “cheese”:Because it’s fake.Rather think of something funny.Nothing can beat a natural smile.Be yourself and just 🙂
★Selfie time: Always elevate your camera and tilt down your face to get the best angle during a selfie.
★Groupie time:Don’t fight and just hand over your camera to the tallest person or to the one who has longest arms 😉
★Flash but no flash:To have a dreamy and filtered effect and also to get a bright picture but not that bright..Just cover your flash with a piece of paper.

So this time there will be no unflattering family and awkward party piks…beacuse you are all ready to be “Clicked” 🙂

Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions.

Love ♥
FashionableShopoholic.foto art_20140414060042
Did you notice a pattern??
No doubt I am self obsessed but still…I guess my selfies are better than my other pictures!


The Shoe Story!Stretch your shoes..and never feel Sorry!

We’ve all done it!(Admit or not)
1) Saw that pair of shoes on JABONG (or any other online shopping sight )you always wanted, and before you knew what was happening , It is at your door step! Now that you have them, you realize they’re just a bit too small.
2)Then buying an expensive pair of peep toes two sizes small because they were on sale.(I have done this soo many times)
3)Lastly screaming with happiness on finding literally the best shoes in the world(The shoes you dreamt of and ever ever wanted) only to go home and find out their comfort level is equal to walking on a bed of thorns or something like that.And then you know all the horrible shoe bites you will get but you just can’t resist it.You are just thinking about walking tall and conquering the world.
I so know that girls can resist anything but Shoes and I am surely one of them. But some of us prefer killing our feet by enduring all those tediously painful shoe-bites to not wearing that favourite pair at all. So here I am trying to fix your gorgeous shoes.So lets slip into those high heels just as you slip into your favourite dress.
●If your shoes are not so tight as to be completely unwearable, simply put them on and wear them around the house, until they have adjusted to your feet. This might take a couple days, but its natural. (You see)
●This one is the bestest.Tried and tested on my Aldo peep toes .AldoHAYTHPlatformPeep-Toesfoto art_20140603023009(Happened to buy a small size as my husband was screaming at my back to Hurry up! Huh!)All you need is your Hairdryer and a pair of your thickest socks.Just put on the your socks, and squeeze your feet into the shoes. Heat the tight area of the shoes using a hairdryer and bend your feet back and forth as much as you can for 20 to 30 seconds.Remove the heat source but leave the shoes on until they have cooled. Try the shoes on with your normal socks .Repeat until the shoes have stretched enough. And VIOLA! You are ready to rock.
(Once stretched, apply your foot moisterizer this just makes up for moisture depleted by the heat from your shoes.)
¤Alert: Heating shoes could weaken glue bonds so try on a cheaper pair of shoes first and don’t over do it. [Please, I don’t wanna get killed 😦 . This works gr8 for your ballerinas, high heels, sport shoes and even for your boyfriend’s/husband’s leather shoes.(If u had planned to suprise them and end up giving tight shoes 😉 instead. )]
●Freeze the shoes with a bag of water(Works best for sport shoes..don’t give it a try on leather shoes..please.)Fill the shoe hole. You can use resealable zip locks, thick balloon, or simple plastic bag .Fill about one third to halfway with water and seal tightly, one bag for each of your shoes.Place a bag inside each shoe and push into place so that it fills your entire shoe. Place your shoes in the freezer,(Clean your shoes before you do it and don’t get screamed by your mom) and let them sit until the water freezes, or overnight. As the water freezes, it will expand into your shoes, gently stretching its material.Remove from the freezer and let them thaw for about 20 minutes before trying to remove the bags.Try the shoes on again to see how the shoes fit and repeat if needed.It’s recommended again that you don’t use this method on expensive shoes.

So these were the three simple methods. The second one is really easy and quick. So take out all the pairs you thought you won’t be wearing anymore and give a blow because walking out in style is never outta style.

Comments and suggestions awaited.

Loads of ♥